Manchester City have left Crystal Palace in a draw and are opening their doors to Liverpool.

Matches: 0: 0 The Premier League is far from over … After losing by a draw against Crystal Palace on Monday night after a completely dominant match (0: 0), Manchester City (1st place, 70 points) left the door . Liverpool are open, which would be just one point behind Cityzens after winning Arsenal on Wednesday … April 10 is expected. Manchester City – Liverpool will be the final of the championship, never looked so close. This hypothesis, which was still unbelievable a few weeks ago, was prompted by an unbelievable scenario on Monday. 18 strokes, 2 columns, stops in all directions: Manchester City have fully mastered their match at Selhurst Park, but have never been able to find an opening. Therefore, this 2021-2022 The story of the season will remind you that Patrick Vieira – the winner of the first round (2: 0) – did not lose to Pep Guardiola … Ispan’s face betrayed his disappointment after these draws. By the end of the first half, Pep was already wondering how his team could not open the goal yet. Intense, inspired by their sequences, backed by normal technical mastery (72 per cent possession), the townspeople, the authors of 14 strokes during this first action, suffered from efficiency. In the first twenty minutes, Kevin De Bruyne (14th) or John Stones (19th) could already have broken the Eagles lock by long attempts. But in the middle of the half-hour game, the pressure from the Muntans was the hardest. In a service from Cancelo, De Bruyne, acrobatically recovering from the outside of the foot, was able to afford one of the goals of the year (26th) without Guaita’s intervention. Spain’s Crystal Palace goalkeeper, still determined by Mahrez ‘s shot (32nd), could also have expected a successful shot from Cancelo, which ended in his right turn (27th). The action that healed Laporte. Patrick Vieira’s students, completely choked with Skyblues’ mastery, had to wait for individual mistakes to create situations for themselves. And at first there were a lot of them. Due to the loss of the ball to Laporte (10), Walker (13) and Rodri (39), Wilfried Zaha and Michael Olise were not accurate enough to really excite Ederson. In the second half, while still dominating, the Muntans showed the same clumsiness. Neither De Bruyne was able to deceive Guaita (71st) after a transverse shot that hit the spindle (57th) or Bernardo Silva, one pass from Grealis for two meters. With a pinch of success, Vieira’s men could have refrained, but Odsonne Édouard (82nd) ​​and tireless Conor Gallagher almost scored a goal (85th). With 9 matches left, Crystal Palace ranks 11th with 34 points. Player: De Bruyne, a half-time genius The passing inspiration he sees alone. Precise holes. Kevin De Bruyne made Kevin De Bruyne this Monday night. However, at the beginning or end of almost all the occasions in Mankunia, the Belgian lacked efficiency. The author of the excellent entry strike (14th place) KBB was able to achieve a small masterpiece – the law of outdoor air – without the Guaita reflex (26). Always inspired by City in the second half, the attacking midfielder found a shake after the crossbar (57). 0 Like Crystal Palace, the number of goals missed against Manchester City this season. The winners of the first round (2-0) were opposed by the men of Vieira this Monday night. Cityzens have scored 68 goals in the Premier League this season.
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